In remembrance of a friend

On the 24th of December 2014 our dear friend IKØATK Salvatore Marino passed away at the venerable age of 101 and 22 days.

Salvatore was born in the town of Caivano (Naples) on the 2nd of December 1913.

In 1937 during the Italian occupation of Abyssinia (now Ethiopia),  he served as artilleryman at Gondar.

He was at Gondar that Salvatore was taken prisoner by British military forces and interned in South Africa.

On returning to Italy he resumed his military career and, until his discharge, specialized in radio/telegraphy.


IK0ATK Radio Station



In civilian life he then became a member of A.R.I. (Associazione Radioamatori Italiani).

He was allocated his first Call Sign, IK1ATK, as he was then resident in the north of Italy (Zone 1). Later on, when he moved to Velletri (Rome), this was changed to IKØATK.

In the local ARI club he became the QSL Manager and remained active as a morse telegrapher until a few months before his death.

Salvatore leaves his wife, Gina, a son and grandchildren.

He was buried at Caivano, his birthplace, on the 27th of December.

He will be remembered for his positive outlook on life and for his cheerfulness both at meetings and at social occasions. Salvatore will be much missed by us all.